Texas Star Chicken from Blackstone Bistro in Worcester, MATucked away in the Quinsigamond Village section of Worcester is a relative newcomer to Worcester’s dining options: Blackstone Bistro. After sitting down and opening the menu my first thought was how reasonable the prices were. There were plenty of options for appetizers and I was tempted to try the Queso Frito with Mango sauce, but opted for the Chili Con Carne as an appetizer.

The Chili Con Carne was described as flavorful chili made with beans, ground beef, tomatoes, peppers and the right amount of spice. The chili delivered as promised and was a flavorful well prepared chili that was not to hot, but gave the top of my head a little tingle. The quality of the ingredients and fresh taste was apparent in the dish.

Moving on to the main course I decided on the Texas Star Chicken. The Texas Chicken was a large thin chicken breast topped with cheese and bacon and homemade BBQ sauce. The main course was perfectly prepared and I have to apologize to the chef as I think the BBQ sauce was lost to me in the large quantity of cheddar cheese and bacon that topped the chicken. The thing that makes Blackstone Bistro stand out to me was there was the same attention to detail on the side dishes that was given to the main course. Often when dining it is easy to have good main course and then find the chef prepares a large quantity of the side dishes that sit in warming dishes to be served along with the main course. The sautéed vegetables were freshly prepared and included crisp onions, broccoli, red peppers, and mushrooms. They were perfectly sautéed in a little oil and spices. Served alongside the chicken and sautéed vegetables was a twice baked potato that complimented and rounded out the meal perfectly.

Overall Blackstone Bistro is a nice family owned restaurant, where Chef Louie and his wife put a lot of heart and care into their restaurant. Pride of ownership, quality fresh ingredients, and attention to detail make Blackstone Bistro worth a trip for lunch or dinner or both.

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