traditional pho - chicken noodle soup style from Dalat Restaurant on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Over the past few years, Vietnamese has become one of my favorite ethnic foods! I love the complex flavors of each dish, the homemade sauces, and the brightness of the fresh herbs.

I was excited to return to Dalat for August’s Foodies! However, while I enjoy testing my palate, my sense of adventure has been slightly hampered upon finding out that my husband and I are expecting our first child in February. As a result…I played it safe with my order…#24…traditional pho – chicken noodle soup style! Salt, salt, salt, and more salt (oh…and ice cream too) has been an essential part of my pregnancy cravings so pho was the perfect choice to satiate my tummy!

When my soup arrived, it was piping hot with tender pieces of all white meat chicken, a copious amount of noodles and a delightfully salty broth I was in heaven! I added a healthy dose of the chef’s homemade fish sauce and plenty of Sriracha sauce for some heat. Delightful!!! Due to my limitations and pregnancy-induced aversions, I did not add sprouts or basil. My soup was delicious; just what I wanted and more!

Da Lat offers traditional Vietnamese food in a quaint setting at phenomenal prices…oh, and did I mention it’s BYOB…which under normal circumstances puts a gigantic smile on my face?!?!