Nestled in an area that you may only happen upon by mistake is Vincent’s. Very well-known in Worcester and beyond, Vincent’s has been named one of the best “dive bars” in the country by Stuff Magazine and Maxim Magazine. Although the street and buildings surrounding the bar may be quiet, once you step over the threshold you know that you’ve arrived to a bar that’s much more.

Unpretentious by nature, the dimly lit bar features a great selection of drinks and an understated chalkboard featuring a few simple items; including, their signature dish: meatball sandwich. I know what you are saying, “a meatball sandwich from a dive bar…?”  “Foodies” may be closed-minded at the idea of eating a meatball sandwich from a bar known for their rustic atmosphere and live music, but this is why it’s one of Worcester’s best kept secrets. Sausage, meatballs, or both, the reputation of this sandwich was forged years ago because of the simplicity, affordability, and overall taste that this sandwich creates while in the atmosphere of Vincent’s. The complex flavors of the rich gravy and moist meatballs mingle perfectly with the thick slices of fresh cut, soft Italian bread.

Whether for a meal or late night snack, the meatball sandwich has a reputation for being one of the best sandwiches in the city. And, we can’t argue with that.