Vitello alla Parmigiana
This monthly edition of Worcester Foodies comes from Mare E Monti Trattoria on Wall Street. Now before you jump to conclusions about the restaurant based on location and neighborhood, I implore you to give this place a try. You will not be disappointed!! When entering the small restaurant front, you are greeted by a small, but chic neon lit bar leading the way into the main dining room. Once sat, we indulged in fresh, soft bread at the tables with available olive oil and roasted garlic for drizzling and spreading. After perusing their expansive menu of Italian favorites and local classics, I decided on the vitello alla parmigiana or veal parmesan. The menu gave the in depth description as provini veal pan fried in extra virgin olive oil, topped with homemade marinara sauce, romano and mozzarella cheese served with choice of pasta (linguine or penne), all for $20. I decided to go with penne due to the fact that the ridges on the pasta catch and hold the sauce better. When I received the dish, I could not believe the portion size! There were large pieces of veal, that were lightly battered and fried until golden brown and crispy on the outside, yet smooth and juicy on the inside. The whole plate was smothered in red sauce that was slightly chunky, but had a good heat and sweetness behind it. The pasta was cooked al dente and was the perfect vehicle for the sauce. The wait staff was extremely pleasant, willing to help and always around in the event that you had questions about the menu, or simply needed a refill on your drink. For those looking for a casual night out for a good Italian dinner and maybe even looking to stray off the beaten path, Mare E Monti Trattoria is your next spot to try!