Vitello Vincenzo

The term “authentic “ is often tossed around when describing restaurants that serve food typically identified with a certain country, and it is one I find entertainingly subjective.   I’ve seen grown men (with the aid of a beverage or two) argue over what is “authentically Woostah,” having grown up blocks away from each other.  I would never presume to qualify something as being authentic, but I can say that Mare e Monti Trattoria tastefully and subtly captured, from my experiences, the feel of a small restaurant in Italy.  It was a rare treat to experience that in a local restaurant, and I would go back for that experience alone.

Confession: I am a sucker for mushrooms and cheese.  So naturally when I came across the Vitello Vincenzo, a sautéed veal scaloppini with wild mushrooms, prosciutto and roasted garlic in a marsala wine sauce over choice of pasta, I looked no further.   The meal did not disappoint, though I will admit it did not exceed expectations.  The dish would have benefited from being slightly less salted, though it was by no means overwhelmingly so, and the portion of veal seemed a bit small in comparison with the rest of the plate.  I chose to pair it with the Ruffino Superior Chianti, which was just as pleasant as the meal itself.

The highlight of the meal was the selection of various homemade desserts, and in particular the delectable almond tort which I was able to make disappear with the deftness of a seasoned magician.  The exceptional service, ambiance, and dessert will bring me back to this diamond in the rough in search of a main dish that will rise to the level of excellence that abounds in Mare e Monti Trattoria.