The giant sign indicating a “secret entrance around back” is a far cry from the basement speakeasy of Worcester’s other prohibition relic but he atmosphere at Bootleggers Prohibition Pub off Park Ave hearkens back to days-gone-by, even if entering the pub is be easier now than at the time of 18th Amendment America. Mounted televisions playing classic movies provide continuous Hollywood reminders of the roaring 20’s while brick wall decor and lack of window light induces a true feeling of secret underground dining and imbibing.

A quick look at through the menu certainly helps to emphasize the theme of the restaurant. The Libation list is filled with the prohibition theme, including moonshine offerings. A look at the beer list includes many local and classic options, including Chicago brews that rightly remind of the less than savory history of skirting the law during prohibition. For entrees, the selection is eclectic and a burger seemed like a good choice for the ambiance. The Blackberry Moonshiner burger (medium) didn’t disappoint. Angus beef patty with a delicious apple cider fromage, bacon and moonshine BBQ sauce turned out to be a great choice. Pack a wet-nap though – this was no clean patty!

The servers were all dressed in uniforms reinforcing the era at hand which does create a sense of going back in time. Besides noticing the attire, I have simple expectations and when a waiter or waitress drifts into the background of a dining night out, that’s always a plus for me!

There were no actual gangsters or flapper girls in Bootleggers Prohibition Pub, but the atmosphere and food make for a fun and filling way to experience history. The bar area was full when I left and looked like a good place to grab a drink or quick bite on a date or with a friend. Certainly the 1920’s vibe adds to the experience and enhances the dining experience. Bootleggers is definitely a place to return for a fun night out!