Bootleggers Prohibition Pub has taken over the old EVO spot on Chandler Street, and be ready for an entire transformation in layout and atmosphere. Though I had my preconceived ideas of what a prohibition bar/restaurant should look like, their design of “Industrial/contemporary” was nothing of the like, but was pretty cool nonetheless. The bar is the anchor of the dining room, positioned in the middle of the floor, with tables and high tops around the parameter. The space was lively and energetic for a Tuesday night. And the wait staff was very attentive to our party. Always a good way to start out the evening.

My entree, Seafood fra Diablo was average at best, unfortunately. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the table next to me ordered it, and the waitress told him they were out of scallops, then told him they could make it anyway. When I ordered it, I was not told they were out of scallops, and was served the dish incomplete to what is advertised. The shrimp were tiny rock shrimp. The muscles were good and the calamari was average. The sauce and linguini was the best part of the dish, and even that was not extraordinary.

Our server did a fantastic job tending to our table, except for not informing me that my dish would be missing one of the key ingredients. Otherwise, friendly, attentive and knowledgeable with the drink menu.

Unfortunately I have to prohibit the Prohibition Bar from my regular dining list. The bar and building layout is very cool and would be a great place for a drink, but I am in no rush to go back for the food.

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