It’s common to see trends start on the West Coast and then migrate to New York but what we dont always know is what will eventually end up in Worcester. If you’re paying attention to food trends, you’ll find one of the most interesting trends in ice cream originating from Thailand: stir-fried ice cream or ไอติมผัด in Thai. Simply, it is nothing short of a creative spin on a classic sweet treat and now, Worcester welcomes its first ice cream roll spot: Tastetea Rolls, 423 Park Avenue.

Cookie Monster ice cream roll with oreo and fudge from Tastetea Rolls on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Cookie Monster ice cream roll with oreo and fudge from Tastetea Rolls on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

“I saw what was happening in California with their adaptation of the Thai ice cream roll and thought it was a great idea. When it reached New York, I went for a visit and knew I had to open one in Worcester,” said Richard Son, owner of Tastetea Rolls.

After a visit to 10Below Ice Cream in Chinatown, New York, Son knew Worcester needed its own ice cream roll shop and after a year of developing the business, Son opened the doors on July 22nd, 2017.

With a wide range of flavors and unlimited toppings, stopping by Tastetea Rolls will make an indecisive eater go mad. But not to worry, Tastetea Rolls understands the struggles of the sweet tooth and offers a list of their favorite ice cream roll combinations. Between the Cookie Monster – comprised of Oreo and fudge – and the Love Bite – comprised of fresh strawberries and graham crackers – there is something for everyone. According to Son, the must have is the Dirty Dough – an ice cream roll mixed with Vietnamese iced coffee and oreo.

What makes the ice cream roll trend unique is its creative process. Unlike the traditional making of ice cream, Thai ice cream rolls are made on an ice pan and made fresh to order under four minutes. The base of heavy cream mixed with milk and sugar is poured onto an ice pan with a temperature of negative thirty degrees and other ingredients are mixed in gradually all while customers have a center stage to the entire process. Customers also have the option to order fresh smoothies and bubble teas – a cold, frothy drink made with iced tea, sweetened milk or other flavorings, and usually with sweet black pearls made from tapioca.

Tastetea Rolls give a new reason to scream for ice cream.

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