Food To Sex Ratio

As a fan of the TV series Sex And The CityLauren Grossman decided that she wanted to channel her passion for food in a manner not unlike her beloved characters’ passion for sex. Under her Instagram handle,, she has taken to NYC’s A-rated restaurants and is reviewing dishes based on a simple 1-10 #foodtosexratio. In Massachusetts, we’ve decided to do the same with our own Veronica taking on this fun, tongue-in-cheek (😏) system developed by Grossman. Here’s @MassFoodies’ #foodtosexratio where we review Massachusetts restaurants based on the ratio.

Foodgasm: {10/10}  /  Hit The G-Spot (aka Gastro Spot): {9/10}  /  Almost Climactic: {8/10}  /  Yummy: {7/10}  /  Good: {6/10}  /  Basic: {5/10}  /  Very Vanilla: {4/10}  /  Meh: {3/10}  /  Woof: {2/10}  /  One Night Stand: {1/10} 

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