Anzio’s Brick Oven Pizza

135 Westboro Road Grafton, MA 01536

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2 Ovens in Shrewsbury, MA

#FamilyEats – Kid Approved at 2 Ovens (RIP!)

There are plenty of restaurants that will roll out the welcome mat for family-friendly dining and Mass Foodies is here to guide you and we are kicking it off with 2 Ovens in Shrewsbury.


The Chopped Salad from 2Ovens in Shrewsbury, MA. (Submitted Photo from 2Ovens)

2Ovens is Much More than Brick Oven Pizza

Looking for guilt-free flavors that won't let you (or weigh you) down? The Chopped Salad is a must-try from 2Ovens in White City. Six simple ingredients pack a ton of guilt-free flavor.


Oven Braised Porchetta / Pork al Forno

Walking into the dining room at Nuovo Restaurant, you are greeted with a smartly decorated room that is stylish but not overbearing, with bold art hanging on the walls and an attention to detail that...


Updated: June 2015 .