January’s Food News Wrap Up

With the dawn of a new year came the promise of eight new Worcester restaurants, and counting. Everyone seemed to be embracing one ‘clean living’ trend or another during the month of January. (But, we believe you can enjoy everything in moderation.)

Worcester’s Top 17 Food and Restaurant Stories of 2017

In 2017, Worcester’s restaurant scene welcomed a number of newcomers to the table in our proverbial dining room, which continues to grow at a rapid rate. Ramen bowls, butcher blocks, Szechuan sandwiches, and wine wars all found their welcome here. Still, a few of our biggest breaks bid so long (and in one case, good riddance) to members of the culinary community. Here are the top 17 Mass Foodies stories of 2017.

Summer Love

There’s something romantic about an established restaurant – the sort of place that has seen thousands of dates, and maybe even an engagement or two. Nothing is more captivating than the right light, the din of deep conversation, and a sense that love is in the air.

Late Summer Dining Destinations

If summer vacation is like a really long weekend, that makes August a lazy Sunday. Enjoy the last gasp of summer with some casual outdoor favorites at Grill on the Hill, Caffe Espresso, Lakeside Grille, and Smokestack Urban BBQ.

Fast Casual Worcester

In the world of ‘fast casual’ dining, you can enjoy high quality dishes made with fresh ingredients even if you’re under a time crunch. As downtown Worcester transforms into a bustling residential neighborhood, plenty of fast casual options are cropping up.

The Best Spots to Watch a Sox Game

We understand (and appreciate) the fact that a lot of Worcester’s new restaurants don’t have televisions for a reason, namely that they’d like us to interact with other humans. Still, there’s something to be said for the camaraderie of watching the game. Here are our top picks for spots to visit when you’re in the…

Worcester’s Historic Diners Persevere

Diners evolved from night lunch carts first manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts by T. H. Buckley in 1890. A 1921 edition of The World’s Work named Buckley the original ‘lunch wagon king,’ deeming him “a scarcely appreciated genius who built the first really noteworthy wagon.” By 1957, the Worcester Lunch Car Company had turned out 651…