Pairing Vegan Pastrami

The Vegan Nest’s hot pastrami melt begs for a spicy lemonade. Lining up fats and acids can be tricky with seitan and the like, but this flavor duet hits the mark.

Getting Our Fix of Beer and Burgers

We suggest The Fix’s Crunchy Burger – a grass-fed grind served with fried prosciutto, parmesan crisp, potato chips, mustard pickles, lettuce, and garlic mayo on a sesame seed bun. Match strength with strength by pairing it with a Belgian Strong Pale like Duvel. Duvel’s pronounced malt character and slight bitterness cut through the rich burger to refresh the palate with each and every sip.

Art Shapes Appetite at The Boynton

As Pow!Wow! Worcester overtakes the city, it’s bringing the food and drink scene along with it. The Boynton’s Chris Quercia is just one of ten bartenders who has designed a drink based on a work of art and he’s paring it with the meat and cheese board.

The Land Picks the Pairing at Four Star Farms

When it comes to Four Star Farms, it’s best to let the land do the pairing; Armsby Abbey will show you how this works. Both Honest Weight and Brick and Feather benefit from Four Star Farm’s plentiful harvest, making them natural pairings for dishes like Armsby Abbey’s Pappardelle.

Your Civic Duty

Sarah Lee’s beverage creations effortlessly enhance the subtle nuances of Rick Araujo’s locally inspired dishes at The Civic Kitchen + Drink.