The Civic Kitchen & Drink may still be in its restaurant infancy, but its craft spirit offerings certainly are not. Just ask Ronnie Cox, brand ambassador for scotch whisky The Glenrothes, who recently hosted a tasting in The Civics function room. “As wood and spirit merge together, you must drink at the swing of the pendulum!” he proclaimed – and so we did.

The Civic Kitchen & DrinkThe Glenrothes Vintage Reserve, available regularly at The Civic, emits fragrant aromas of citrus and honeycomb to welcome even the most timid scotch drinkers. The mouthfeel is silky, offering waves of raspberry and hints of hazelnut. Order Chef Araujo’s Lollipop Chicken to begin with a natural marriage of like with like. The dish’s honey sriracha, lime zest, and crushed pistachios perform a graceful pirouette with Glenrothes Vintage Reserve.

Cox explained that in Scotland, whiskey is typically paired with a heavy meal, adding, “Massachusetts is a lot like Scotland, except more civilized.” For a “civilized” pairing with the Vintage Reserve, we suggest The Civic’s rich Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts served with Daniele panceta, Great Hill blue cheese, and local maple creme.

Visit The Civic Kitchen & Drink for an uplifting dram and an outstanding meal on West Main Street in Westborough.


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