Pair a cortadito with the Desayuno Cubano for a sweet start to your day at Café Reyes on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. As a subset of the Hector Reyes House, Café Reyes offers on-site training for program residents and outstanding Cuban fare for Worcester’s breakfast and lunch crowds.

A cortadito is a single shot of roasty Cuban espresso topped with an undulant float of steamed milk and brewed with raw brown sugar. The beverage is prepared in a teensy two ounce mug, but, rest assured, two ounces of cortadito will prove plenty.

Only the lustrous body of a Cuban espresso can keep pace with helpings of cilantro-lime mayonnaise and sharp mustard first thing in the morning. Sandwiches are served on a traditional Cuban Roll imported from Miami’s iconic bakery, La Segunda Central. The Desayuno Cubano is made with two eggs, slow-cooked pork, thinly sliced ham, roasted red peppers, melted cheddar cheese, and mojo onions.

Your delicate little cortadito may seem like an odd match for a gigantic breakfast sandwich, but sip from the dainty little mug to bring the saccharine notes of your Desayuno Cubano to life. Allow the petite libation to illuminate fruity notes of red bell pepper and floral hints of clove.

Café Reyes embodies the unique spirit of Worcester and the lighthearted soul of Little Havana. You can stop by 421 Shrewsbury Street between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. or call 508-762-9900 to enquire about catering.

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