It’s summer, and as is such, I spend a lot of my time on Cape Cod with my family, and I thought it would be a nice change of pace to review one of my favorite summer eateries. Quick’s Hole Taqueria, located in Wood’s Hole, has mastered the art of transforming local ingredients into dishes that truly cannot be found anywhere else in the area. Being that Quick’s Hole is only open from mid-May until late September, this culinary love affair is short lived every summer, and longed for every winter.

Taco and chips from Quick’s Hole Taqueria in Woods Hole on Cape Cod

Taco and chips from Quick’s Hole Taqueria in Woods Hole on Cape Cod

Quick’s Hole is more than just the tacos, burritos, and scratch made soups. It truly is a full sensory experience. I will make sure to give the food it’s due, but let’s take a minute and build to the food. First, close your eyes, and picture driving along the ocean on a narrow road in a red Jeep Wrangler. The top is off, as are the doors. Your hair is in your face, and summer tunes are blasting from the speakers. You pass Nobska Lighthouse, and you know you are getting close. As you approach Wood’s Hole, you can smell the ocean, and the sound of the ferry’s horn reminds you of the uniqueness of where you are. You realize you have time before your ferry to Martha’s Vineyard departs, and you see a small deck with a few tables, and the “taqueria” sign held by the large lobster statue catches your eye. You push open the squeaky screen door, and you realize you are about to have a truly unique eating experience.

As you try and get your bearings, you see the large pitchers of sangria, the homemade salsas on the salsa bar, and the rather small menu. But don’t be fooled, when food is this good, less is more. The menu offers tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, salads, hand-helds (sandwiches), and soup. But the heart of the menu is the fresh cod (battered and fried, or grilled), mojo marinated chicken, sweet baja shrimp, slow-roasted pork, and lobster. The truth is…there is no wrong choice. The fresh seafood, or carefully prepared chicken and pork, accompanied with fresh local produce, make for a quick and satisfying meal. Your toughest decision will be whether to order a single (one taco) or a double (two tacos). Each order is accompanied with a side of cole-slaw or fresh corn tortilla chips, and for an up-charge, homemade guacamole is available. When your food arrives, it almost looks too good to eat. Your sensory experience continues with the first bite, and before you know it, you’re done, and wanting more.

I truly cannot say enough about Quick’s Hole, from the quality of the food, to the near zero waste mentality with the biodegradable supplies and composting. Truly a unique, but satisfying food experience. During the summer months, my family is literally making excuses to make the ten mile trip to Wood’s Hole from our family’s summer home. Quick’s Hole Taqueria is located at 6 Luscombe Ave, Woods Hole, MA.

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