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Don’t Worry Be Hoppy — Katrina Shabo

This week, we recorded at Wormtown Brewery with Director of Marketing Katrina Shabo. On February 25th, Chefs Brian Treitman and Bill Nemeroff of B.T.’s Smokehouse are teaming up with Mass Foodies for an intimate dining experience at Wormtown Brewery.

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January’s Food News Wrap Up

With the dawn of a new year came the promise of eight new Worcester restaurants, and counting. Everyone seemed to be embracing one ‘clean living’ trend or another during the month of January. (But, we believe you can enjoy everything in moderation.)

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5 Great Places for Mac & Cheese in Central Massachusetts

Comfort food by definition is food that provides a comfortable feeling of well-being. When conversations turn to “favorite comfort foods,” inevitably Mac & Cheese is high on most everyone’s list of favorites. So whether it’s baked, boxed, buffaloed or baconed, Mac & Cheese has oozed its way into the hearts of many Americans – much…

Great Guide

4 Great Places in Central Massachusetts for Barbecue

Barbecue…we think of it as American as baseball and apple pie, but BBQ’s origins are said to go back to a style of Caribbean cooking of the early 1500’s. Research tells us Spanish conquistadors learned this technique from the indigenous tribes on the island of Hispaniaola who had mastered a method of cooking meat over…