Coffee + Dessert # 1

Pairing coffee and dessert will ensure that the spotlight shifts from Worcester’s restaurant scene to its after-dinner scene. With The Queen’s Cups pairing Airis Coffees in a one-time pop-up event, you’ll never look at a menu the same way.

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Reviving the Roast: Good As Gold Leaps into Coffee-Tech

Advanced roasting technology is what allows Good As Gold to ensure steadfast consistency for its customers. Their custom air roaster allows them to control how heat is applied to the coffee bean, impacting the outside coloration of the roast color as well as the inside with measurements 10 times per second. What separates Good As Gold from everybody else is their ability to provide more consistent coffee and dial in their recipes. Air roasting technology allows for unlimited recipes or blends of coffee roast, colors, and profiles. Good As Gold is currently the only roaster in the United States with this precise technology.

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6 Great Places for Coffee

It’s Massachusetts, so when someone mentions coffee, Dunkin Donuts are usually the next two words you hear. Let’s face it, Dunkin Donuts created the coffee category around here opening the first store in Quincy in the early 1950’s…. and while many people can’t get started in the morning without their Dunkin coffee, there are other…

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New Space for a Worcester Favorite In Table Talk Pie’s Pie Store

Worcester’s bakeries are churning out some inventive pies but nothing beats a good ol’ fashion slice from America’s favorite pie makers. At Table Talk Pies, making pies isn’t just about sweet goodness but also the company’s “unwavering commitment to producing the highest quality pie possible” and sharing it with the city they call home. While…

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Birchtree’s Pick-Me-Up Pair

Birchtree Bread Co. offers patrons a sprawling meeting place characterized by natural light, visual art, live music and plenty of caffeine. Located at Crompton Place, Birchtree has effectively maximized the attributes of a former textile factory to bring artisan breads and delicious pastries to the people of Worcester. With the recent addition of a serious…


Steamed Milk

Many of us overload with caffeine throughout the work day, so when we go out to one of our favorite cafés in Worcester we are hesitant to push ourselves over that proverbial cliff. Those of us that are looking to actually sleep at night have countless alternatives to coffee. At In House Coffee on Shrewsbury…



Although known for their flavor roasted coffee (none of that syrup junk) In House Coffee doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the basics of caffeine. More of a European tradition, next time you are looking for a coffee fix, sit down and relax with a hot café espresso—morning, day or night.