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The Land Picks the Pairing at Four Star Farms

When it comes to Four Star Farms, it’s best to let the land do the pairing; Armsby Abbey will show you how this works. Both Honest Weight and Brick and Feather benefit from Four Star Farm’s plentiful harvest, making them natural pairings for dishes like Armsby Abbey’s Pappardelle.

Chef's Best Dinner Series

Chef’s Best: The Pusateri Cowan Experience

The seventh installment of the ever-growing Chef’s Best dinner series at UXLocale celebrated the humble memories and attachment to family cuisine and the innate culinary skills of Chef Elaine Pusateri Cowan. UXLocale is a newcomer to the infrequent food scene of Uxbridge, MA and it has proclaimed itself as a destination eatery. Combining the picturesque backdrop…

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Third Farmer Dinner Biggest Yet

When Lynn and Lee Stromberg founded Lettuce Be Local, one of their goals was to strengthen the community by bridging the gap between farms and consumers. Just a few short years later, pushing the “farm to table” concept, they determined that a Local Farmer Dinner would be a great way to educate—through eating—by creating an opportunity for…