Pop It!

Feeling Beautiful with NKD & Unity Mike Hendrickson

Pop It is on site at NKD Lashes, Waxing, and Makeup with estheticians Kristie-Lee Laskes and Crystal Whittemore. Per usual, Molly and Sarah are joined by photographer Unity Mike Hendrickson, but this time he’s not behind the camera. They’re talking event logistics, wedding days, and the means by which a professional image can lead to women’s empowerment.

Food News presented by Airis Coffee Roasters

Central Mass Sweet Tooth

It is wise to forge a final impression that leaves guests dreaming of their next visit. Here are the dessert destinations that keep us coming back for more: The Queen’s Cups If it’s cupcakes you’re after, look no farther than Renee King’s Millbury bakeshop. Ms. King’s cupcakes are crafted from scratch using real butter and…