510 Hartford Avenue Uxbridge, MA 01569


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UXLocale (open)

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UxLocale, located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

#SundayFunday – Uxlocale Brings Italy to Uxbridge

Uxlocale fully embracing the culinary talents of Chef Elaine Pusateri Cowan and couples it with an impeccable atmosphere, making it a worthy trip for #SundayFunday.


Countryside Classics at Uxlocale

Chef Elaine Pusateri Cowan sets a meticulous standard of excellence; as such, every element of your Uxlocale experience is the result of a great deal of discerning effort in the kitchen.


Ciopinno from UXLocale in Uxbridge, MA

UXLocale Offers Ice Cream & “Slow, Peasant Fare”

Uxbridge, MA has had a new place to cool off since UXLocale opened to serve ice cream earlier this month. And, since recently being approved for its liquor license, UXLocale is expected to become be a new culinary...


Updated: October 2016 .