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Vincent's on Suffolk Street in Worcester, MAIf you have lived in the Worcester area you probably have been to Vincent’s. If you have not, you should. If you live anywhere within driving distance of Vincent’s you should get some friends, get in a car and drive there. People who visit Worcester from all around the country go to Vincent’s. It is voted a top bar in many Worcester publications, as well as being voted one of the best “dive bars” in the country by Stuff Magazine and Maxim Magazine. If you haven’t already figured it out, you should go to Vincent’s and experience one of the most unique and utterly indescribable bars in the area!

Vincent’s is nestled amongst the three deckers and old manufacturing buildings it calls neighbors. The neon light announces “This is It” so you know you have arrived. Leave your pretentiousness outside the door. Walk into Vincent’s and enjoy.

It is hard to describe Vincent’s but I will tell you it is a small, dimly lit, overly decorated room with a long bar and a few homemade wooden tables and unmatched chairs to sit down at. The decor is a mix of rustic taxidermy and vintage memorabilia. The friendly bartenders are dressed in white shirts and black ties. The beer selection is unique. The drinks are classics. There is an old photo booth to capture the evening memories and the jukebox is as eclectic as the rest of the joint.

Most nights you will find find live music and since the room is small, once they begin to play the conversation becomes difficult. The back “patio” is like the backyard of any Worcester three decker with a canopy covering a bunch of picnic tables, random flowers planted here and there and a vegetable garden that could use some weeding.

Vincent's Meatball SandwichBut the most surprising part of Vincent’s just might be the food offering. The menu, written on the chalkboard behind the bar, consists of a few simple items – unpretentious food prepared with a uniqueness that fits perfectly with the rest of the vibe of the bar. For instance, order the cheese plate and you will get a plain white platter with thickly sliced cheddar cheese, spicy sausage and a handful of raw white onions surrounding a coffee mug filled with a uniquely flavored mustard that has a surprisingly spicy kick that compliments the simplicity of the rest of the dish. Accompanied with a sleeve of Saltine crackers, this is a great way to start the night. And if Vincent’s has a signature dish, it is the meatball sandwich, which can include sausage if you choose, but either way, this sandwich has built a reputation around the city as one of the best. The simplicity of the sandwich is in sharp contrast to the complex flavors of the rich sauce and moist meatballs. Served on two huge slices of freshly cut, soft Italian bread the sandwich makes it perfect for lunch, dinner or a late night snack, but no matter when you choose to eat it, you will enjoy it and understand why everyone raves about it.

Like I said, leave all pretentiousness at the door. If you embrace Vincent’s and all it stands for, you will feel welcomed and you will be back.

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Updated: May 2015.