Rice Violet

287 Main Street Worcester, MA 01608


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Rice Violet (open)

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Rice Violet on Main Street in Worcester, MA

#SundayFunday: Traditional Thai at Rice Violet

In Thailand, sharing a meal is the social occasion and at Rice Violet, the embodiment of shared dishes and good company make it a #SundayFunday destination.


Sushi and Sake: Baba Pairs Rice with Rice

I like to keep my pairings simple: like with like. Sushi and sake take this practice to a literal level by creating an uncomplicated coupling of rice with rice. At Baba Sushi’s new Sturbridge location,...


Grilled Sausage & Rice

Each time I drive down Shrewsbury Street I spy yet another location I have somehow missed in the past. Parkway Diner is one place I have actually never noticed. Walking in I took notice of...


Updated: September 2016 .