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Armsby Abbey on Main Street in Worcester, MASix short years after buying Dive Bar, Alec Lopez and wife Sherri Sadowski began looking for a new adventure, and, after careful planning and a lot of hard work, they opened the doors to Armsby Abbey.

Arguably a first of its kind in Worcester, Armsby Abbey is a study in artisan craftsmanship and attention to aesthetic detail and quality. Looking at the menu, you’ll find that everything is handcrafted; the beer, wine and spirits are all small batch and produced in limited quantities. The produce and ingredients used in the artfully crafted dishes, with very few exceptions, are from local farms and sources. This restaurant exceeds the popular “farm to table” concept and proudly celebrates its extensive relationships with local farmers to provide the freshest ingredients for its’ seasonal, artisan-style dishes.

It is evident that Alec and Executive Chef Damian Evangelous see food as a way to share experiences with friends and strangers. Most of the seating at Armsby Abbey is communal; what you find at a quaint European pub. Moreover, because of this sense of “food community” it is common to see patrons ordering multiple meals to share as well as sharing slates of artesian cheeses, pickles, and breads from Crust Artisan Bakeshop.

Apart from beer and food, Armsby Abbey is also known for their brunch Bloody Mary's

Apart from beer and food, Armsby Abbey is also known for their brunch Bloody Mary’s

Along with Armsby Abbey’s tremendous success came challenges. The space’s small kitchen has forced Lopez, Sadowski and staff to be creative in keeping up with the packed-to-capacity dining room’s expectations. Fortunately for everyone, this issue was solved in October 2013 with the expansion project: A brand new kitchen, which was installed on August 14th (the day of the photos shown below), which is four times the size of the current kitchen and packed with the tools and space to allow the chefs to unleash their full potential.

In addition to a new kitchen, Armsby Abbey’s dining room expanded by an additional 32 seats—as well as adding a new outdoor patio area with an open view to the kitchen and a much desired function space. “We were limited by a tiny kitchen—this expansion will allow us to fully express ourselves and be able to service more guests,” Lopez said during a preview tour of the new space. “With an oversized kitchen we’ll be able to create a menu that will fuck people’s minds up—changing constantly.”

While Armsby Abbey is well known for their food, it is also nationally recognized for an extensive beer selection that includes local craft draughts, over 120 unusual bottled beers, as well as exclusive limited batches that are available to only a handful of bars around the world. For those looking for something other than craft beers, their bar staff uses small batch spirits to mix some of the most tightly crafted cocktails in the region.

With growth in mind, Alec and Sherri completed a trifecta: expanding their wildly successful Armsby Abbey, opening the highly anticipated Crust Artisan Bakeshop, and announcing some other very exciting endeavors in true Lopez fashion. Stay tuned for even more great things to come!

Seasonal Flatbread at Armsby Abbey by Erb Photo

Armsby Abbey participated in the Chef’s Best dinner in the summer of 2016

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