Berry Fusion Frozen Yogurt

    807 Pleasant Street Worcester, MA 01602


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    Barely Legal Blackberry Moonshiner Burger from Bootlegger

    Barely Legal Blackberry Moonshiner Burger

    It seems the Maykel family has bootlegged their own property. One of Worcester’s first gluten-free and vegan-friendly restaurants (EVO) is survived by a completely redefined destination- Bootleggers Prohibition Pub. With far more than just a...


    Chicken and dried cranberry salad from Mezcal on Major Taylor Boulevard in Worcester, MA

    Chicken and Dried Cranberry Salad from Mezcal Tequila Cantina

    First, congratulations to Mezcal for their cool new digs on Major Taylor Boulevard. The new space is conveniently located across from the DCU center and will certainly draw a crowd but the layout of the...


    Strawberry Mojito

    Strawberry Mojito

    The Mojito has become an extremely popular summertime concoction. So popular that some establishments have resorted to pre-made mixes and other shortcuts....


    Cranberry Apple Turkey

    As it appears on the Menu: Sliced turkey breast, lettuce, granny smith apples, red onion, tomato, cheddar cheese and a cranberry aioli served on a panini with a side of fries. The Facts on the...


    New Frozen Yogurt Shop Heats Up Highland Street

    Over the past few years, frozen yogurt has become a hot commodity in major cities around the country! With national franchises like Pinkberry, Red Mango and Yolato popping up all over the country, consumers are...


    Updated: June 2013 .