BirchTree Bread Company

138 Green Street Worcester, MA 01604

Location History

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Birchtree’s Pick-Me-Up Pair

Birchtree’s Pick-Me-Up Pair

Birchtree Bread Co. offers patrons a sprawling meeting place characterized by natural light, visual art, live music and plenty of caffeine. Located at Crompton Place, Birchtree has effectively maximized the attributes of a former textile...


BirchTree Bread Company now features beer on tap (Photo courtesy of Amy Lynn Chase)

What’s on tap at BirchTree?

BirchTree Bread Company, which opened in 2014 serving artisan breads, pastries and specialty coffee, has officially begun serving beer; including a selection from Worcester's 3Cross Brewery and Wormtown Brewery. In addition to beer, wine will be...


Rob Fecteau Baking Bread at BirchTree Bread Co

No Margin Of Error For Rob Fecteau & BirchTree Bread Co.

Baking naturally leavened bread isn't always predicable which is why Rob Fecteau, owner of BirchTree Bread Co. on Green Street, calculates and executes.


Updated: December 2016 .