Boulevard Diner

155 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, MA


Location History

Boulevard Diner (open)

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A diner fare at Carl’s Oxford Diner in Oxford, MA.

#SundayFunday – Carl’s Oxford Diner: Where Breakfast is Reinvented

While Carl's Oxford Diner offers your typical diner menu – a menu lined with pancakes, French toast, and home fries – it is the serving portion that makes us stamp Carl’s Oxford Diner with the seal of #SundayFunday approval. 


Today, the Boulevard (No. #730) resides at 155 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA.

Worcester’s Historic Diners Persevere

Diners evolved from night lunch carts first manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts by T. H. Buckley in 1890. A 1921 edition of The World’s Work named Buckley the original ‘lunch wagon king,’ deeming him “a scarcely...


Highlander Diner Highland St Feb 24, 1965 GCII 276 (George Cocaine Collection Worcester Historical Museum)

Long Live the Lunch Wagon King! Worcester’s Diners Prove Resilient

The lunch cart has been synonymous with controversy from the very beginning. At the turn of the century, business mogul, R.C. Taylor could be heard all over town damning the “infernal lunch carts” as the...



Casey’s Diner: Tradition on a Bun

The holidays are about tradition, and gathering around the table with familiar faces, and sharing a meal with those closest to you. Casey’s Diner, this month’s Restaurant to Bank On, shares these characteristics, thus making...


Updated: June 2013 .