102 Green Street Worcester, MA 01604


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Broth (open)
Hangover Pub (open)

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French Onion Ramen from Broth, on Green Street in Worcester, MA

Broth: Worcester’s First Bar Dedicated to Ramen Opens On Green Street

Broth, a Ramen Bar concept developed by the minds behind Hangover Pub, set to open on Tuesday, October 17th next to its sister restaurant on Green Street.


Mala broth from Chuan Shabu in Worcester

Even though it recently opened, many of my friends had already been to Chuan Shabu on Park Ave in Worcester and spoke very positively about the food and the experience - so I knew I...


Veggie medley from Chuan Shabu on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Shabu Chuan’s Satay Broth with Mixed Vegetable Platter

Shabu is fun, healthy and crave worthy. I cannot wait to go back and have been raving about it to everyone. Plus, it helps you get through the cold season!


Splitting two broths, herb and original, at Chuan Shabu on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Chuan Shabu’s half herbal, half chicken broth

Learning how quickly the meats cooked was a fun challenge we enjoyed and shared among all our friends; it was a very communal and entertaining dinner.


Updated: October 2017 .