Canal Restaurant & Bar

65 Water Street Worcester, MA 01604


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A Nose-to-Tail Butcher Shop is Opening in the Canal District In Time for Thanksgiving

The Stillman Quality Meats retail store is located at 157 Harding Street, adjacent to Page Boy and The Queen's Cups. Opening hours will span Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Maddi’s Cookery + TapHouse Adds to Canal District Dining Options

Since its opening, Maddi’s Cookery + TapHouse has brought an additional food option for diners in Worcester's Canal District. HAving poached chef Christopher O'Hara from Flying Rhino, the menu is as comfortable as the atmosphere.


Construction at Kelley Square

Kelley Square Market, Harding Green, Adds To Canal District’s Restaurant Growth

With only five months into the new year, the Canal District continues to promise an array of culinary goodies with the addition of three restaurants and a public market.


Renee King, the founder of The Queens Cups on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Renee King’s The Queens Cups Has Customers in the Canal District Smiling in the Reign

Surrounded by family and people she trusts, Renee King has taken a passion, talent, and opportunity, and brought it to life with The Queen's Cups now on Water Street in Worcester, MA.


Niche Hospitality Group

Niche To Open New Restaurant In Canal District

Niche Hospitality Group’s newest brand, Nonna's Pizza & Pasta, is set to open in the Canal District later this year. Nearly a year ago, when Craig Blais of the WBDC introduced Cliff Rucker to Michael Covino, it was...


Chorizo Stuffed Calamari with Zesty Tomato Broth and Chickpeas from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

This new restaurant has the Canal District on lock!

Lock 50: Shareable plates, exotic dishes and culinary decadence! Look no further for a menu that's equal parts playful and delicious.


Homemade Lasagna from Compass Tavern on Harding Street in Worcester

Homemade Lasagna in the Canal District

Looking for hearty, homemade comfort food with a New England flair? The Compass Tavern may be just the right choice.


Mass Foodies review the menu options at Worcester

Dining at the Canal Districts Lock 50

Shaved Compressed Octopus, Salsa Verde, Crunchy Bread Crumbs from Lock 50 in Worcester, MA In the reviving heart of Worcester, the Canal District illuminates with a new presence, Lock 50. The...


Chorizo Tacos: Housemade chorizo, cotija cheese, pico de gallo and cilantro lime creme from The Civic Kitchen & Drink.

Six Restaurants in Central Mass That Will Transport You Someplace Warmer

Central Mass has plenty of restaurants that can help you see the sunshine, even during the dead of winter.


In Search of the Perfect Dish: Our Visit To One of America’s Most Expensive Restaurants

Dinner at Per Se amounts to three-Michelin-stars, nine-courses, and a month’s rent. Deadhorse hill's Jared Forman recalls his time working there as a young chef.


Mass Foodies Christmas Trolley with Lock 50

Which Restaurants Decorate for Christmas? Enjoy The Splendor of the Holidays with these Festive Restaurants

Mass Foodies’ snow-white trolley was transformed into Santa’s Sleigh as it brought 70 diners around the city to experience the restaurants that decorate for Christmas. If you didn’t get your hands on a ticket, we’re not opposed to you recreating the journey on your own time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to all of our festive destinations to help you get in the holiday spirit.


Chef Alex Gjonca

Great Restaurants That You Haven’t Thought Of In Central Massachusetts

What does it mean to say these are places you may not have thought of? Not that they aren’t successful. They are, especially with the people whose culture is covered by the cuisine. They aren’t...


Updated: September 2013 .