Coney Island Lunch

    158 Southbridge Street Worcester, MA

    Location History

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    Highlander Diner Highland St Feb 24, 1965 GCII 276 (George Cocaine Collection Worcester Historical Museum)

    Long Live the Lunch Wagon King! Worcester’s Diners Prove Resilient

    The lunch cart has been synonymous with controversy from the very beginning. At the turn of the century, business mogul, R.C. Taylor could be heard all over town damning the “infernal lunch carts” as the...


    The Greek Burrito from The Sandwich Place in Worcester, MA

    5 Great Places for Lunch Sandwiches in Central Massachusetts

    Like breakfast, lunch is a big topic, which can go in many directions when discussing some of your favorite places to eat. Lunch can be a salad, a full meal, a sandwich or so much...


    Updated: June 2013 .