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Bootleggers Prohibition Pub

Bootleggers Prohibition Pub’s Seafood fra Diablo

Bootleggers Prohibition Pub has taken over the old EVO spot on Chandler Street, and be ready for an entire transformation in layout and atmosphere. Though I had my preconceived ideas of what a prohibition bar/restaurant should...


Seafood Fra Diablo at Bootleggers Prohibition Pub on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Seafood Fra Diablo at Bootleggers Prohibition Pub

Waking into Bootleggers Prohibition Pub, we were greeted with a newly renovated Pub and restaurant environment in the former space that was Evo. The space was newly refurnished and had a nice bar area yet it...


Oyster Pairings at Sturbridge Seafood in Sturbridge, MA

Oyster Pairings at Sturbridge Seafood

Summer never ceases at Sturbridge Seafood, a fetching beach-bistro where oysters abound. Settle in at one of the butcher paper clad high-top tables to admire the open kitchen views and set to work making careful...


Seafood Combo Basil Pad Thai from Basil n

Seafood Combo Basil Pad Thai from Basil n’ Spice

If you are craving creative & flavorful Thai food in Worcester, look no further than Basil n' Spice; especially the Seafood Combo Basil Pad Thai.


Seafood Marinara from The Boynton on Highland Street in Worcester, MA

Seafood Marinara from Boynton

The Seafood Marinara from the Boynton on Highland Street included a good quantity of shrimp, calamari and mussels all tossed in a marinara sauce.



O’Connor’s Seafood Mac and Cheese

O'Connor's Seafood Mac and Cheese had a sauce that was abundant and each bite had some if its thick cheese.


Seafood Mac and Cheese from O

Seafood Mac and Cheese

O'Connor's in Worcester may be a little out of the way, but it's a definite spot for a European influenced menu—including the seafood mac and cheese.


Portuguese Seafood Stew from O

Portuguese Seafood Stew

O’Connors prides itself in not just offering Irish food, but European styles. So, I decided to venture off the beaten trail and try Portuguese Seafood Stew.


Seafood and mixed vegetables with pan fried noodles from Dalat on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Seafood and Mixed Vegetables with Pan Fried Noodles

And unlike meals that you may get out at larger chain restaurants, this meal left you feeling satisfied but not overly full or weighted down.


Seafood Calabrese from Dino

Seafood Calabrese from Dino’s

The Seafood Calabrese from Dino's was huge; unfortunately, the flavor was not.


Seafood Bianco from Dino

Seafood Bianco from Dino’s

The portion from Dino's in Worcester was enormous, but I would rather have had less food with a more consistent sauce and a better ratio of fresh seafood.


Seafood Jambalaya

On the afternoon of our latest Foodies get together I looked over the Gumbo's menu to get a head start on what I was going to order, unfortunately I was unable to make a decision because...


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