Dino’s Ristorante Italiano

13 Lord Street Worcester, MA 01604


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Beef Broccoli from Dino

Beef Braccioli from Dino’s

The promised combinations were far more interesting on the menu than on the pallet: the pasta, the meat, and the stuffing were all too similar in texture.


Seafood Calabrese from Dino

Seafood Calabrese from Dino’s

The Seafood Calabrese from Dino's was huge; unfortunately, the flavor was not.


The Vesuvius Pizza from Dino

The Vesuvius Pizza from Dino’s

The crust on Dino's Vesuvius Pizza was very thick, and, overall, it was a good pizza for my mature pizza palate.


Meat Lasagna from Dino

Meat Lasagna from Dino’s

I can honestly say that the meat lasagna from Dino's in Worcester is something I would come back for.


Seafood Bianco from Dino

Seafood Bianco from Dino’s

The portion from Dino's in Worcester was enormous, but I would rather have had less food with a more consistent sauce and a better ratio of fresh seafood.


Grilled Gourmet Pizza from Dino

Grilled Gourmet Pizza and Italian Antipasto at Dino’s

The hot summer day lent itself to enjoy a small appetizer pizza and the Italian Antipasto from Dino's on Lord Street in Worcester, MA.


Sirloin Steak at Dino

Sirloin Steak at Dino’s

Italian at an Italian restaurant? I went with the sirloin steak and Caesar salad from Dino’s Ristorante Italiano on Lord Street in Worcester.


Veal Soprano at Dino

Veal Soprano at Dino’s

I chose Dino's Veal Soprano: veal sautéed and topped with prosciutto, Fontana cheese and fresh sage in a sweet, light tomato sauce with leeks and tomatoes.


Veal Cutlet Parmigiana from Dino

Veal Cutlet Parmigiana at Dino’s

The ingredients in Dino's veal cutlet parmigiana were there to make this an outstanding dish, but it just seemed to lack some finesse and seasoning.


Chicken Parmigiana from Dino

Chicken Parmigiana at Dino’s

After some discussion I decided on a spicy Chicken Parmigiana from Dino's, which is my “go-to” dish having enjoyed it at many of Worcester’s restaurants.


Updated: March 2015 .