Dirty Dog’s Burgers and More

    205 Hope Avenue Worcester, MA


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    Jared Forman, Executive Chef of deadhorse hill in Worcester, MA

    What Is Your Dirty Little Secret? Three Worcester Chefs Reveal Theirs.

    This month, we're catching up with three of Worcester’s most talented Executive Chefs to unearth their trade secrets. From serious pickles to water baths to ugly vegetables, these chefs are dishing out the truth about what goes...


    Wagyu Burger from Hangover Pub in Worcester, MA

    Blackstone’s Burgers and Dogs

    Firing up the grill in the dead of winter poses a challenge for most, but there are some cravings that just can’t be tamed. If you’ve got your heart set on burgers and dogs, the...


    Chef Mike Muscarella

    Burgers, Mussels, Scampi and More: Chef Mike Muscarella Shares His Favorite Thing to Make in the Kitchen

    Chef Muscarella understands that a chef is playing host, but at the end of the day there's nothing better than throwing together a chef's favorite: Mussels.


    Rambling Wreck from The Fix Burger Bar on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

    BURGERS: The Rambling Wreck

    The Fix Burger Bar's "Rambling Wreck" had cheddar cheese, mesquite pork belly, house slaw, sliced pickles, whiskey BBQ sauce, served on a sesame bun.


    Classic Burger From The Fix on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

    Burgers Until Midnight at The Fix on Shrewsbury Street

    Looking for a late night burger fix? The Fix is now open daily for lunch through midnight—Enjoy your favorite burgers with your favorite selection of brews.


    Chef Michael Muscarella from The Fix Burger Bar on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

    Chef Michael Muscarella: The Man Behind The Burgers

    With a population full of burger experts, nearly everyone has a place they think has the best burger. Chef Muscarella's goal is to make The Fix that place.


    Steakhouse Burger from Joey

    8 Great Places for Hamburgers

    The exact origin of the hamburger is unknown, as research shows many characters, at many different times, in many different locations claiming to be the first to create it. But while the history of the...


    Updated: June 2013 .