Elsa’s Bushel ‘n Peck

    17 East Mountain Street Worcester, MA 01606


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    Sarah Live at Kummerspec

    Closing Out Kummerspeck’s Friends and Family Opening

    Kummerspeck ('kUm-ir-shpek) opened its doors to friends and family last night for a stellar soft opening. Mass Foodies has had eyes on Matt Mahoney and Rachel Coit for almost a year now and the duo continues to exceed our expectations.


    A Sneak Peek at Kummerspeck’s Highly Anticipated Menu

    To quell our curiosity at Mass Foodies, they have been so kind as to share a few of the menu items we can expect to see soon at Kummerspeck on Water St.


    Kummerspeck Bratwurst during Dive Bar

    Kummerspeck & Honest Weight Pair Up At The Dive Bar

    Sarah explored emotional eating with Kummerspeck and Honest Weight Thursday night at the Dive Bar. Kummerspeck Worcester visits The DiveExploring emotional eating with Kummerspeck at The Dive Bar.Posted by Mass Foodies on Thursday, March 9, 2017...


    Updated: March 2014 .