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    910A Main Street Worcester, MA 01610

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    Half roasted chicken with mushrooms and marsala syrup from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

    Roasted 1/2 Chicken From Lock 50 Was Fantastic!

    Lock 50 provided a roller coaster ride for the tastebuds of this foodie, and we left full, satiated and happy with that ride…we will go back from more…..


    Mass Foodies

    Pizza and Pasta Perfection at Pepe’s Italian Restaurant

    This month, the Foodies ventured to Pepe’s Italian Restaurant, a neighborhood eatery on Franklin Street in Worcester. With so many pizza variations on the menu, it’s lucky that Pepe’s allows half-and-half pies, because the Foodies were eager to try a little bit of everything.


    The Chopped Salad from 2Ovens in Shrewsbury, MA. (Submitted Photo from 2Ovens)

    2Ovens is Much More than Brick Oven Pizza

    Looking for guilt-free flavors that won't let you (or weigh you) down? The Chopped Salad is a must-try from 2Ovens in White City. Six simple ingredients pack a ton of guilt-free flavor.


    Mexican Salad, served with fresh avocado, and a lime vinaigrette from Nancy

    Taste Memories: Nancy’s Airfield Cafe

    Nancy’s Airfield Cafe is small restaurant that provides diner’s with a small, but well executed menu using local ingredients to create seasonal favorites.



    Valentino’s Opening in Shrewsbury Street’s Cafe Dolce Location

    The Shrewsbury Street storefront that has been dormant since Cafe Dolce (154 Shrewsbury Street) closed in 2011 will breath new life. Valentino’s Press and Pour, plans to open in May and "will feature a full bar and cafe,...


    Pizza from Dacosta

    The Worcester Style Pizza

    Every major city has its own take on what makes a great slice of pizza. Deep dish, cracker thin, no sauce, just sauce, novelty toppings, square slice, wedge slice...the list goes on. New Worcester pizzerias...


    Marc Felicio, owner of Dacosta

    Marc Felicio’s “Dacosta’s Pizza Bakery” Breaks Tradition of Neapolitan-style Pizza

    Let’s just get this out of the way: By common American definition, Marc Felicio is not a chef. He doesn’t even call himself a cook. Hence my shortest column ever: The end. Okay fine, in...


    Cortaditos and Cubanos from Café Reyes on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

    Cortaditos and Cubanos: A Classic Morning Match at Cafe Reyes

    Pair a cortadito with the Desayuno Cubano for a sweet start to your day at Café Reyes on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. As a subset of the Hector Reyes House, Café Reyes offers on-site training for...


    Whole Roasted Local Fish with Fresh Greens from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

    Grand Opening of Lock 50 Restaurant & Cafe with Whole Roasted Local Fish with Fresh Greens

    Lock 50 Restaurant & Cafe has all the dining items you would need from a Nitro Brew coffee to Grilled Tri-Tip Steak and many other shareable foods.


    Caesar Salad and The Godfather Pizza from the International in Bolton, MA

    Caesar Salad and The Godfather Pizza

    The International is the perfect place for a special occasion with your significant other. They serve delicious, hand-crafted food, but it will cost you.


    Nick Geraci and Tim Russo Elevate Volturno Way Past Pizza

    Known for their pizza, Nick Geraci and Tim Russo have taken Volturno on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester to a new level with their focus on pasta.


    The Vesuvius Pizza from Dino

    The Vesuvius Pizza from Dino’s

    The crust on Dino's Vesuvius Pizza was very thick, and, overall, it was a good pizza for my mature pizza palate.


    Updated: June 2013 .