Kai Sushi Bar and Grille

68 Stafford Street Worcester, MA 01603


Location History

Kai Sushi Bar and Grille (open)
Panda King (?open)

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Tatnuck Grille

Tatnuck Grille Closed — To Be Reopened Under Funky Murphy’s Umbrella

Rumor has it that after five years of serving the Tatnuck Square area, Tatnuck Grille is officially closing its doors today, on Friday the 13th, leaving the rest of us to wonder about the truth behind this superstitious holiday.


Worcester Foodies group at Tatnuck Grille in Worcester, MA

Tatnuck Bar & Grille – A Few Surprises in this Neighborhood Pub

Jamie and Aaron are two of the newest members of our Foodies group, and on their recommendation, we ventured into the Tatnuck Bar & Grille to taste what they have called their "go to spot...


Finding Sushi that Hits the Spot at Yama Zakura

You can't talk about sushi in this area without somebody bringing up Yama Zakura. This month, the Foodies visited and found that Yama lives up to all of that hype. Tucked in an unassuming strip...


Sushi Miyazawa, a BYOB sushi restaurant on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

Sushi Miyazawa – BYOB Sushi Restaurant on Chandler Street Now Open

Sushi Miyazawa is the real deal. Located next to Nancy Chang's at 372 Chandler Street, this intimate little gem seats less than 20 at a time and is not only the newest addition to the...


Wilson Wang, owner of restaurants in Worcester and Strubridge. Including Baba Sushi

The Exuberant Mind of Baba Sushi’s Wilson Wang

From Baba Sushi to Chuan Shabu, there is nothing stoping the exuberant personality of Wilson Wang as he talks food and teases what's to come for Worcester.


Worcester Foodies celebrating 74 consecutive months of food with 435 Bar & Grille in Leominster, MA.

435 Bar & Grille: Leominster’s Hidden Gem

On the recommendation of our member Lynn, the Foodies gathered at 435 Bar & Grille in Leominster. Tucked away on the second floor of an old mill building, requiring a back door and an elevator...


Lakeside Bar & Grille

Lakeside Bar & Grille’s Guacamole Burger

Sometimes, life just doesn't go as planned. You could have the best laid plans with contingencies built in, and somehow things still seem to happen that are out of your control. Life goes on though,...


Say Cheese! Grilled cheese being prepared in Worcester, MA

Your Grilled Cheese Choices

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich is one of the oldest dishes on record. A great Grilled Cheese is a testament to the power and simplicity of high quality ingredients. Say Cheese! Grilled...


Sushi and Sake: Baba Pairs Rice with Rice

I like to keep my pairings simple: like with like. Sushi and sake take this practice to a literal level by creating an uncomplicated coupling of rice with rice. At Baba Sushi’s new Sturbridge location,...


Sushi from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester

The Sushi Circuit: Sturbridge

It is not uncommon for clusters of restaurants that target an identical customer base to emerge in close proximity. If you’ve ever tried to secure a table at Kaizen during Brimfield Flea Market, you’ll understand...


Bootleggers Prohibition Pub-On the Wagon Grilled Veggie Burger

Bootleggers Prohibition Pub-On the Wagon Grilled Veggie Burger

Bootleggers Prohibition Pub replaces EVO, located on Chandler Street in Worcester. You enter through their "Secret Entrance" in the rear of the building, how fun! The restaurant interior has completely changed. It has a old,...


435 Bar + Grille in Leominster, MA (website)

A Quick Stop at 435 Bar & Grille in Leominster

435 Bar + Grille is set in an old mill in Leominster with exposed brick walls, large windows dominate one side of the dining room, original hard wood floors and exposed beams in the ceiling. The...


Updated: June 2013 .