Mai Tai Bar & Sushi

    69 Green Street Worcester, MA 01604


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    Jamaican Patty from Homestyle Kitchen on Harrison Street in Worcester, MA

    Jamaican Homestyle

    We enjoy a bit of culture with Jamaican food on Worcester' Harrison Street with Homestyle Kitchen's Jerked Chicken and Jamaican Patty.


    Grilled Skirt Steak from deadhorse hill on Main Street in Worcester, MA

    Grilled Skirt Steak from Main Streets’ deadhorse hill

    I didn't think I would be hitting up Main Street Worcester anytime soon, until deadhorse hill came around. Deadhorse hill is one of Worcester's exciting new additions to the restaurant scene, and with all of...


    Sushi Miyazawa, a BYOB sushi restaurant on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

    Sushi Miyazawa – BYOB Sushi Restaurant on Chandler Street Now Open

    Sushi Miyazawa is the real deal. Located next to Nancy Chang's at 372 Chandler Street, this intimate little gem seats less than 20 at a time and is not only the newest addition to the...


    Wilson Wang, owner of restaurants in Worcester and Strubridge. Including Baba Sushi

    The Exuberant Mind of Baba Sushi’s Wilson Wang

    From Baba Sushi to Chuan Shabu, there is nothing stoping the exuberant personality of Wilson Wang as he talks food and teases what's to come for Worcester.


    Sarah Connell is live at Less Than Greater Than for the Metro West Cocktail Invitational

    The Metro West Cocktail Invitational

    Bartenders from all of your favorite haunts submitted recipes to compete at the Metro West Cocktail Invitational, which asked entrants to devise a low ABV cocktail (no more than 35%) using a minimum of two spirits, one of which had to be Galliano L’Apertivo Frizzante. The overall champion was Worcester's chosen competitor, Krysta Koval who cited her time at Armsby Abbey and The Pint as catalysts for her big win.


    Sushi and Sake: Baba Pairs Rice with Rice

    I like to keep my pairings simple: like with like. Sushi and sake take this practice to a literal level by creating an uncomplicated coupling of rice with rice. At Baba Sushi’s new Sturbridge location,...


    Sushi from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester

    The Sushi Circuit: Sturbridge

    It is not uncommon for clusters of restaurants that target an identical customer base to emerge in close proximity. If you’ve ever tried to secure a table at Kaizen during Brimfield Flea Market, you’ll understand...


    The One Eleven Chophouse at its Shrewsbury Street home in Worcester, MA

    One Eleven Chop House Receives Awards of Excellence from Retailers Association of Massachusetts

    The Retailers Association of Massachusetts recently recognized One Eleven Chophouse as the “Restaurant of the Year” with its distinguished Awards of Excellence (REAMAE). The award is given to a restaurant that continuously provides its patrons with exceptional service, menu...


    Cucumber Sashimi and King Maki from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

    Cucumber Sashimi and King Maki from Baba Sushi

    Baba is Worcester's sushi hot spot. Don't judge a restaurant by its street presence. Their food is a creative and unique take on Japanese staples.


    Volcano Roll from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

    Volcano Roll from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue

    Baba Sushi.... what can I say? Simply the best and freshest sushi in Worcester.


    Rainbow Roll and Salmon Avocado Roll from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

    Rainbow Roll and Salmon Avocado Roll from Baba Sushi

    When I think of Baba, I think: now this is sushi for sushi lovers.


    Japanese Cuisine Appetizer at Baba Sushi in Worcester

    Chef’s Salad Sampler from Baba Sushi

    Baba Sushi offers top-quality sushi in a tastefully decorated Worcester location; it’s a great place for a business dinner or a date.


    Updated: August 2013 .