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    Worcester Wine Festival - October 6, 7, and 8th

    Worcester Wine Festival – The Signature Event About Wine For Central Massachusetts

    The Worcester Wine Festival inaugural's celebration will kick off in Worcester, MA starting Friday, October 6th and conclude with a grand tasting on Sunday at Union Station.


    Birchtree’s Pick-Me-Up Pair

    Fast Casual Worcester

    In the world of ‘fast casual’ dining, you can enjoy high quality dishes made with fresh ingredients even if you’re under a time crunch. As downtown Worcester transforms into a bustling residential neighborhood, plenty of fast casual options are cropping up.


    Today, the Boulevard (No. #730) resides at 155 Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA.

    Worcester’s Historic Diners Persevere

    Diners evolved from night lunch carts first manufactured in Worcester, Massachusetts by T. H. Buckley in 1890. A 1921 edition of The World’s Work named Buckley the original ‘lunch wagon king,’ deeming him “a scarcely...


    Raku Fire at the Worcester Center for Arts and Crafts

    Hot Night At The Worcester Center for Crafts

    Worcester Center for Crafts plans a “Hot Night" with B.T's Smokehouse, Anzio's Brick Oven Pizza, Queen's Cup, Austin Liquors, and more as they "thank" you for supporting local art.


    Mac and Cheese available at the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, MA

    Worcester Art Museum Welcomes Outdoor Dining with Monet

    From the carefully plotted trees and plants to the Community Mosaic wall by artist Kim Emerson, the courtyard of the Worcester Art Museum is the embodiment of living art. The menu at the Museum Café speaks to the WAM’s appreciation of nature. At WAM, food is art.


    Chef Hawley likes “Italianizing” the lobster for VIA Italian Table’s Famous Lobster Fest Promotion, back for another year, with Worcester Restaurant Group.

    Worcester Restaurant Group Takes Another Crack at Lobster Fest

    #CentralMassEats with the return of Lobster Fest at Worcester Restaurant Group's VIA Italian Table, One Eleven Chop House, and The Sole Proprietor.


    Worcester is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities creating unique dining experiences.

    Worcester Restaurants: The True Cultural Melting Pot

    The range of restaurants in Worcester offer an opportunity for some to “feel at home” and others to “travel without leaving the state.”


    Ethnic Food is stocked on the shelves at Al Anwar Market in Worcester, MA

    A World of Options: Worcester’s International Marketplaces

    If food is your universal language, then it's time to let Worcester’s ethnic market speak to you. A 2015 report by the Seven Hills Foundation found: “Foreign-born entrepreneurs account for 37 percent of all business...


    Worcester Police Department patrolling Harrington Corner—looking up Pleasant Street—during Prohibition. (Collection of Worcester Historical Museum)

    Madame Rhubarb And Worcester’s War on Alcohol

    “Twenty-eight federal prohibition agents led by John Hall, prohibition enforcement director for Worcester county, and part of the Worcester liquor squad under Sergt, Joseph P. Murphy, working independent of each other, yesterday staged the greatest...


    Highlander Diner Highland St Feb 24, 1965 GCII 276 (George Cocaine Collection Worcester Historical Museum)

    Long Live the Lunch Wagon King! Worcester’s Diners Prove Resilient

    The lunch cart has been synonymous with controversy from the very beginning. At the turn of the century, business mogul, R.C. Taylor could be heard all over town damning the “infernal lunch carts” as the...


    Chef O

    Sonoma Restaurant of Princeton is Replacing Ceres Bistro in Worcester

    According to Barbara Houle, Sonoma Restaurant of Princeton will relocate to Worcester this fall, taking over the dining space at The Beechwood Hotel (currently Ceres Bistro.) This is a big win for the city of...


    Breakfast at Cafe Reyes

    Leave Breakfast to Worcester

    Everybody knows that Worcester is famous for its diners. The Boulevard, Miss Worcester, Gold Star, Kenmore... your options for eggs and bacon are endless in this city, not to mention, we are afforded the luxury...


    Updated: June 2013 .