New England Roast Beef

33 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01609


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Chef Michael Arrastia preparing bacon at Hangover Pub on Green Street in Worcester, MA (Photograph by Alex Belisle)

Chef Michael Arrastia Takes Risks To Be Great In Making Bacon Taste New England

Chef Michael Arrastia from Hangover Pub in Worcester, MA takes risks to make a menu around perfect basic bacon with authentic New England flavors.


Steak Frites at New England

Steak Frites at New England’s first Bacon Gastro Pub, The Hangover Pub.

Green Street has a new bacon-themed, hangover-curing addition and it's giving the Worcester restaurant scene a run for its money!


Meet the Only Woman Worcester

Meet the Only Woman Worcester’s Top Chefs Trust With Their Beef, Farmer Joan Walker

You’ve probably enjoyed the results of Joan Walker's love and labor at Armsby Abbey, deadhorse hill, or the International’s Fireplace Room. Walker Farm's reputation is steadfast among local foodies for producing the highest quality meat in the region. Unlike most farms that raise their cattle to be one and a half to two years old, Joanie raises her cows until they are at their full weight and at least three years old.


Reviving the Roast: Good As Gold Leaps into Coffee-Tech

Advanced roasting technology is what allows Good As Gold to ensure steadfast consistency for its customers. Their custom air roaster allows them to control how heat is applied to the coffee bean, impacting the outside coloration of the roast color as well as the inside with measurements 10 times per second. What separates Good As Gold from everybody else is their ability to provide more consistent coffee and dial in their recipes. Air roasting technology allows for unlimited recipes or blends of coffee roast, colors, and profiles. Good As Gold is currently the only roaster in the United States with this precise technology.


Chicharonnes from VIA Italian Table during their Italian Pig Roast during July in Worcester

VIA’s Italian Pig Roast

Everyday in the month of July, VIA has been roasting an entire pig, and from that pig, creating truly unique dishes from various cuts of the hog. Any chance that I get, I love pork; any...


All Hail The Italian Pig Roast at VIA

For the entire month of July, you can enjoy a salad, appetizer, entrée, and glass of vino for just $29.99 with Via's Italian Pig Roast. VIA is, and always will be, one of Worcester's most-loved...


VIA’s executive chef, Bill Brule, Roasting a Pig for VIA

July’s Italian Pig Roast at VIA

The history of the pig roast spans a multitude of generations and cultures. While there is evidence of whole roasting a hog over a rotisserie as far back as the “Bronze Age,” the common theme...


The Whole Roasted Local Fish from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Whole Roasted Local Fish with Grilled Lemon from Lock 50

Lock 50 brings creativity and a touch of class to the canal district through their menu and flavors.


Grilled Tri Tip Steak, Roasted Potato, Broccoli Rabe sans Pesto from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Lock 50’s Grilled Tri Tip Steak, Roasted Potato, and Broccoli Rabe Sans Pesto

One of Worcester's restaurants in the Canal District, Lock 50 offers a variety of unique small, shareable plates, and carefully selected beverages…


The Meat Board from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Lock 50 Small Plates and Roasted Half Chicken

Lock 50, a local restaurant serving the small dish with a big bite! A place I plan on going back to again and again. If you haven't been there, you need to!


Half roasted chicken with mushrooms and marsala syrup from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Roasted 1/2 Chicken From Lock 50 Was Fantastic!

Lock 50 provided a roller coaster ride for the tastebuds of this foodie, and we left full, satiated and happy with that ride…we will go back from more…..


Whole Roasted Local Fish with Fresh Greens from Lock 50 on Water Street in Worcester, MA

Grand Opening of Lock 50 Restaurant & Cafe with Whole Roasted Local Fish with Fresh Greens

Lock 50 Restaurant & Cafe has all the dining items you would need from a Nitro Brew coffee to Grilled Tri-Tip Steak and many other shareable foods.


Updated: June 2013 .