Nuovo Restaurant

92 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, MA 01604

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A cupcake from The Queen

A Sweet Ending At Nuovo Restaurant

Nuovo Restaurant on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester is the first restaurant to provide desserts by Canal District's The Queen's Cups.


Salmone Atlantico ($24)—The filet of salmon was sautéed with creamy Madeira wine sauce, fresh spinach and lobster meat served with 5 large cheese ravioli’s

Date Night Is Complete with Nuovo’s Mussels Fra Diavolo

If you’re craving an authentic Italian meal tonight, tomorrow, next week or next month, Nuovo in Worcester, MA will take excellent care of you.


Nuovo Restaurant

Make every day Nuovo

Looking to get out mid-week? Nuovo Restaurant has you covered with their new mid-week promotions! Tuesday: $20 house bottle of wine on Tuesday. Wednesday: $10 every pasta dish. Thursday: Free appetizers for groups of 10...


Wine from Nuovo Restaurant

$20 Wine Tuesdays at Nuovo

It's a treat to be able to enjoy the fall season with a fine wine and delicious meal, but it could be an expensive risk of disappointment if you venture from your old reliable favorites....


2010 Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon by J. Lohr

Nuovo’s Linguine alla Carbonara

It's easy to forget that many of the small restaurants in Worcester are truly family run. You won't forget this when you dine at Nuovo Restaurant on Shrewsbury Street. Husband and wife duo, Loreta and Aleksander Gjonca, go...


Chorizo Tacos: Housemade chorizo, cotija cheese, pico de gallo and cilantro lime creme from The Civic Kitchen & Drink.

Six Restaurants in Central Mass That Will Transport You Someplace Warmer

Central Mass has plenty of restaurants that can help you see the sunshine, even during the dead of winter.


In Search of the Perfect Dish: Our Visit To One of America’s Most Expensive Restaurants

Dinner at Per Se amounts to three-Michelin-stars, nine-courses, and a month’s rent. Deadhorse hill's Jared Forman recalls his time working there as a young chef.


Mass Foodies Christmas Trolley with Lock 50

Which Restaurants Decorate for Christmas? Enjoy The Splendor of the Holidays with these Festive Restaurants

Mass Foodies’ snow-white trolley was transformed into Santa’s Sleigh as it brought 70 diners around the city to experience the restaurants that decorate for Christmas. If you didn’t get your hands on a ticket, we’re not opposed to you recreating the journey on your own time. Here’s a step-by-step guide to all of our festive destinations to help you get in the holiday spirit.


Chef Alex Gjonca

Great Restaurants That You Haven’t Thought Of In Central Massachusetts

What does it mean to say these are places you may not have thought of? Not that they aren’t successful. They are, especially with the people whose culture is covered by the cuisine. They aren’t...


Kummerspeck on Water Street in Worcester, MA is closing its doors. Why doesn

The Unfiltered Truth of Kummerspeck’s Closing: Requiem for a Restaurant

This is it. All questions about Kummerspeck's closure answered in an unfiltered, comprehensive story on why great restaurants may not survive despite Worcester's renaissance.


Restaurants With A Great Beer List With A Point Of View In Central Massachusetts

Truth is there are lots of great places to get your draft on, but the ones we finally did settle on we felt had a stronger point of view (meaning attitude) than the others - a curated list rather than just a great selection.


Restaurant Reviews — Julia Auger & Jared Forman

We discuss natural wines and the state of Worcester's food media with Julia Auger and Jared Forman, the minds behinddeadhorse hillandsimjang. Julia shares stories from her recent South American wine travels and Jared recalls his...


Updated: August 2016 .