One Eleven Chop House

    111 Shrewsbury Street Worcester, MA 01604

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    The One Eleven Chophouse at its Shrewsbury Street home in Worcester, MA

    One Eleven Chop House Receives Awards of Excellence from Retailers Association of Massachusetts

    The Retailers Association of Massachusetts recently recognized One Eleven Chophouse as the “Restaurant of the Year” with its distinguished Awards of Excellence (REAMAE). The award is given to a restaurant that continuously provides its patrons with exceptional service, menu...


    Charles Krug Wine Dinner at the One Eleven Chop House

    Charles Krug Wine Dinner at One Eleven Chop House

    Starting the 2016 season off with a bang, One Eleven Chop House featured Charles Krug with a series for the "generations."


    Bourbon Glazed Pork Tenderloin & Grilled Atlantic Salmon during One Eleven Chop House

    “Surf & Turf” Isn’t Just A Catchy Phrase for Chop House This July

    “Surf and Turf” is a dining concept that combines the best of two worlds: food from the land and food from the sea. Although many restaurants often have seafood and meat as options, it almost...


    Pork Chop with Veggies and Ginger from Dalat on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

    Pork Chop with Veggies and Ginger

    There's nothing like a wonderful "chef's special" to tease my tastebuds. Also, knowing that it is something "special". It adds a bit of mystery to it.


    Broiled Lamb Chops from Wexford House on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

    Broiled Lamb Chops

    When I found out we were heading to eat at the Wexford House I was not sure what to expect. I knew I had to go with an open mind but I honestly was not expecting...


    Updated: July 2016 .