Oregano’s Italian Pizza

    75 Maywood Street Worcester, MA

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    Pizza and Pasta Perfection at Pepe’s Italian Restaurant

    This month, the Foodies ventured to Pepe’s Italian Restaurant, a neighborhood eatery on Franklin Street in Worcester. With so many pizza variations on the menu, it’s lucky that Pepe’s allows half-and-half pies, because the Foodies were eager to try a little bit of everything.


    The Chopped Salad from 2Ovens in Shrewsbury, MA. (Submitted Photo from 2Ovens)

    2Ovens is Much More than Brick Oven Pizza

    Looking for guilt-free flavors that won't let you (or weigh you) down? The Chopped Salad is a must-try from 2Ovens in White City. Six simple ingredients pack a ton of guilt-free flavor.


    Chicken Parm at La Cucina Italiana on Hamilton Street in Worcester, MA

    Hamilton’s Homemade Italian

    Shrewsbury Street might be hailed as Worcester’s Italian restaurant row, but the Hamilton Street neighborhood is making a strong play of its own with three family-owned favorites. La Cucina Italiana La Cucina’s family “gravy” recipe...


    Pizza from Dacosta

    The Worcester Style Pizza

    Every major city has its own take on what makes a great slice of pizza. Deep dish, cracker thin, no sauce, just sauce, novelty toppings, square slice, wedge slice...the list goes on. New Worcester pizzerias...


    Tomasso in Southborough, MA (Photography by Mary Prince Photography for Tomasso)

    Tomasso: Italian Dining To Bank On

    Italian food is a favorite among many, myself included. Whether you are headed to the North End of Boston, or Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, there seems to be endless possibilities for all palettes. As much...


    from Bootleggers Prohibition Pub on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

    Keeping it simple at Bootleggers Prohibition Pub With Their Italian Meatballs

    For a few years I had been going to EVO but with its closing I was curious to see how they might transform the same space into a different concept—Bootleggers Prohibition Pub. Well, they did...


    The Mashed Burger from J. Anthony

    Mashed Burger from J. Anthony’s Italian Grill

    A casual Monday night trip to Walmart and a hankering for everyone's favorite All-American "sandwich" brought me to J. Anthony's Italian Grill on Route 20 on the Auburn/Oxford line. Once again, this is another establishment...


    Marc Felicio, owner of Dacosta

    Marc Felicio’s “Dacosta’s Pizza Bakery” Breaks Tradition of Neapolitan-style Pizza

    Let’s just get this out of the way: By common American definition, Marc Felicio is not a chef. He doesn’t even call himself a cook. Hence my shortest column ever: The end. Okay fine, in...


    Chef Alex Gjonca Cooking at Nuovo on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

    Italian Fare With An Albanian Flare for Chef Alex Gjonca

    For Nuovo on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester chef Gjonca blends cultures, flavors, and techniques to create an experience that compliments "restaurant row."


    Rigatoni with Sungold Marinara from deadhorse hill on Main Street in Worcester, MA

    Rigatoni with Sungold Marinara, A Twist On An Italian Favorite That Only deadhorse hill Could Do

    Next up on the MassFoodies tour was deadhorse hill a new and interesting restaurant on Main Street in Worcester. Having been here once before I wasn't sure what to expect the second time around but...


    Chicharonnes from VIA Italian Table during their Italian Pig Roast during July in Worcester

    VIA’s Italian Pig Roast

    Everyday in the month of July, VIA has been roasting an entire pig, and from that pig, creating truly unique dishes from various cuts of the hog. Any chance that I get, I love pork; any...


    All Hail The Italian Pig Roast at VIA

    For the entire month of July, you can enjoy a salad, appetizer, entrée, and glass of vino for just $29.99 with Via's Italian Pig Roast. VIA is, and always will be, one of Worcester's most-loved...


    Updated: June 2013 .