Park Grill & Spirits

257 Park Avenue Worcester, MA

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Waffle selections at Blue Shades on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA.

The Liège Waffle Obsession Reaches Park Ave with Blue Shades

If you want the kind of waffles that melt in your mouth with its airy, slightly sweet, no-need-for-maple-syrup flavor, then visit Blue Shades for a taste of authentic Liège waffles.


La Terraza Brings Authentic Mexican to Park Avenue in Worcester

November brought the Foodies to La Terraza on the recommendation of Stephanie – our resident Mexican food and Taco expert! And what a great choice it ended up being as we found out what so...


Fezziwig’s Ball Brings Dickensian Flare to Spark the Christmas Season

Vaillancourt Folk Art & Niche Hospitality Group are proud to announce Fezziwig's Ball—a Christmas themed dinner at The Citizen in Worcester on December 4th..


The spicy XXR Burger from Park Grill & Spirits

The XXR Burger from Park Grill & Spirits

My mouth was alive with the spicy XXR Burger from Park Grill & Spirits on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA.


Volcano Roll from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Volcano Roll from Baba Sushi on Park Avenue

Baba Sushi.... what can I say? Simply the best and freshest sushi in Worcester.


The Worcester Foodies group meeting for their 86th consecutive month, this time at 110 Grill in Worcester, MA.

Worcester Foodies Adds 110 Grill To Their List For Their 86 Consecutive Month Dining Out

For their 86th consecutive month of dining out in Central Massachusetts, the Worcester Foodies group has found themselves making an exception to the "no chain" rule with downtown's 110 Grill because of its smaller, localized focus on food.


The Kale Brussels Salad with Yellowtail at 110 Grill

110 Grill Opens Its Worcester Location

110 Grill opened their on Tuesday, May 22nd as they officially welcome the 14th restaurant to open under their brand. Downtown Worcester hasn't seen this style of restaurant in years.


SKYBOKX 109 Sports Bar & Grill Celebrating National Burger Month with the Beer And Burger Bundle

National Hamburger Month is off to a strong start with SKYBOKX 109 offering Beer & Burger Bundles for $15 on every Monday from 4pm - 10pm.


Tatnuck Grille

Tatnuck Grille Closed — To Be Reopened Under Funky Murphy’s Umbrella

Rumor has it that after five years of serving the Tatnuck Square area, Tatnuck Grille is officially closing its doors today, on Friday the 13th, leaving the rest of us to wonder about the truth behind this superstitious holiday.


Executive Chef Michael Sobel and Lindsay O’Meara of Legacy Bar & Grill at Coe

Mill Street Welcomes Legacy Bar & Grill

Executive Chef, Michael Sobel, opens Legacy Bar and Grill on at Coe's Pond on Mill Street.


Worcester Foodies group at Tatnuck Grille in Worcester, MA

Tatnuck Bar & Grille – A Few Surprises in this Neighborhood Pub

Jamie and Aaron are two of the newest members of our Foodies group, and on their recommendation, we ventured into the Tatnuck Bar & Grille to taste what they have called their "go to spot...


The Hangover Burger from Native Grill and Wings in Oxford, MA

Don’t Overlook the Burger at Oxford’s Native Grill and Wings

Native Grill and Wings in Oxford does more than just chicken. The Hangover Burger puts forward extreme flavors and a substantial helping of bacon. With creamy avocado and an over easy egg, you can expect mouthwatering, rich textures. The kicker is the hash brown patty!


Updated: October 2015 .