Peppercorn’s Grille & Tavern

455 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01610

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The Truffle Mac and Cheeseburger from Peppercorn

Peppercorn’s Truffle Mac and Cheeseburger

The truffle mac and cheeseburger at Peppercorn's features a mac and cheese croquette, applewood smoked bacon, and tomato jam served on a brioche bun.


Cedar Street Grill in Sturbridge, MA

Worcester Foodies Visit Cedar Street Grille in Sturbridge

Recently, Mass Foodies' Worcester Foodies ventured to Sturbridge to visit the Cedar Street Grille on Stephanie's recommendation. And if you haven't been there yet, you need to make the trip. As many of our readers...


City Bar and Grille is Now Open on the West Side of Worcester

City Bar and Grille opened tonight at 395 Chandler Street led by owners Al and Cynthia Soto. The space previously housed Cafe Espresso. Al cut his chops in Boston working for Troquet and the East...


Wachusett Brew Yard at the Railers Sports Tavern downtown Worcester, MA

Wachusett Brew Yard at the Railers Sports Tavern

Celebrate summer with the Wachusett Brew Yard which will be located in downtown Worcester, MA. Wachusett Brew Yard is parking their beer dispensing Airstream Trailer at Railers Sports Tavern to bring together beer, food, music, and outdoor games.


Tatnuck Grille

Tatnuck Grille Closed — To Be Reopened Under Funky Murphy’s Umbrella

Rumor has it that after five years of serving the Tatnuck Square area, Tatnuck Grille is officially closing its doors today, on Friday the 13th, leaving the rest of us to wonder about the truth behind this superstitious holiday.


Stacked Ice Cream from Tavern in the Square - Shrewsbury (Photo by Crystal Anson)

#SundayFunday – Stacked Ice Cream at Tavern in the Square

Visit Tavern in the Square any day of the week, but if you must go on Sunday, make it a #SundayFunday and order the molten brownie.


The Railer Burger from The Railer

The Railer Burger – from where else… The Railers Sports Tavern

Hungry? We opted for the Railers Taven house burger... The Railer Burger, upgraded with two six-ounce patties and topped with housemade Italian sausage—which was the best part of the dish because the textured “crumbles” was seasoned beautifully.


Lincoln Tavern South Boston, MA (Source: Facebook)

#SundayFunday – Pancake Play at Lincoln Tavern

At Lincoln Tavern, the pancakes are a play on everything that is good in the world. From the pumpkin pancakes to the fruity pebble pancakes, the pancake play at Lincoln is the perfect addition to your #SundayFunday roster.



Atmospheres & Appetites: The Railers Sports Tavern

There is an almost immediate sense of comfort upon entering Railers Sports Tavern, the newest addition to the Niche Hospitality group. On a cold and icy afternoon, I was able to sit down with Mike Covino, co-owner, and chat about what makes this traditional sports bar anything but traditional.


#SundayFunday brings us to Five Horse Tavern (Source: Facebook)

#SundayFunday – Double Stackers + Brunch at Five Horses Tavern

Sink into a corner booth at Five Horses Tavern, order the Breakfast Club with a Jack’s Abby and let the good times of #SundayFunday take over.


Worcester Foodies group at Tatnuck Grille in Worcester, MA

Tatnuck Bar & Grille – A Few Surprises in this Neighborhood Pub

Jamie and Aaron are two of the newest members of our Foodies group, and on their recommendation, we ventured into the Tatnuck Bar & Grille to taste what they have called their "go to spot...


A peek inside Nonna

Progress for Nonna’s, Steam, and Railer’s Tavern

In February, we were able to first introduce the new Niche Hospitality concept coming to the Canal District: Nonna's Kitchen. Since then, we've been eagerly watching the construction of the Worcester Ice Center in anticipation...


Updated: March 2014 .