Pho Bowl

    580 Park Avenue Worcester, MA 01603

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    Pho Bowl (open)
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    Pho from Pho Dakao in Worcester, MA.

    4 Great Places in Central Mass for Phở

    Although Phở soup has gained popularity as a hearty comfort food the past several years, Vietnam's signature noodle soup has been around for more than 100 years. At the most basic level, phở is a...


    traditional pho - chicken noodle soup style from Dalat Restaurant on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

    Traditional Pho – Chicken Noodle Soup Style

    Over the past few years, Vietnamese has become one of my favorite ethnic foods and Dalat Restaurant on Park Avenue in Worcester doesn't disappoint.


    Pho Ga from Pho Dakao on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

    Pho Ga

    I will say there is no type of food that I love more than Vietnamese. I have been to Pho Dakao several times, each time I enjoy it more and more. I am very partial,...


    Phở Rau Cải from Pho Dakao on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

    Phở Rau Cải

    I have waited almost two years for my chance to pick a Foodies location...sigh...It was with GREAT pleasure and no hesitation that I selected Pho Dakao on Park Ave. My husband and I were introduced...



    Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra for 4th of July

    The Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alton Baggett, will present a concert, with fireworks, of classical, patriotic, and Broadway music on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at East Park on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. Vocal soloists...


    Pho from Racha Thai in Worcester


    Thai food for me, is a recent discovery. I had always been partial to Chinese food, and had no other experience with any other type of Asian cuisine. Last year, a few Thai restaurants opened...


    Updated: September 2016 .