Salt and Pepper

268 Lincoln Street Worcester, MA 01605


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Salt and Pepper (open)

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The Truffle Mac and Cheeseburger from Peppercorn

Peppercorn’s Truffle Mac and Cheeseburger

The truffle mac and cheeseburger at Peppercorn's features a mac and cheese croquette, applewood smoked bacon, and tomato jam served on a brioche bun.


Black Pepper Tagliatelle from Urban

The presentations were exquisite and really accentuated different aspects of the meal with different colors and texture, but most importantly, with purpose.


Salted squid with sautéed peppers from Pho Dakao on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Salted Squid with Sautéed Peppers

The Salted Squid with Sautéed Peppers is one of my favorite dishes from Pho Dakao. Lightly crisp and seasoned perfectly when it hits the tongue -you can't help but smile happily at the lightly salty crunchiness...


Pepperoni Pizza

When the waitress from Wonder Bar brought out this pizza I thought to myself, Pepperoni, how boring, but lets face it pepperoni pizza is an icon in the pizza world, I had to try Wonder Bar's...


Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

I have to admit I was overwhelmed when presented with the menu at Zorba’s Taverna Restaurant and Bar - such a wide variety of items to choose from.  But I quickly decided to go with something...


Updated: May 2015 .